4 Common Reasons Why Tech Startups Fail!

Mubarak Aminu

Founder and Lead Content Developer at Techarewa, I drive the car that goes around telling the stories of technology happenings in Northen Nigeria

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3 Responses

  1. Hyedima Waha DM says:

    Wow, nice writeup. Just that am abit confused on the Author Bio. Is it He or SHE

  2. Thank you hyedima for dropping a comment on this post, it she or he i guess the name confuse you right.
    Mubarak Aminu recently posted…SCALING BEYOND THE VOLATILITYMy Profile

    • Hyedima Waha DM says:

      Yea, but go through the author Bio, you will note he and she. I just wanted you to take note.

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