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8 Events That Shape Northern Nigeria Tech Ecosystem In 2016


The northern Nigeria technology ecosystem has seen a rapid growth in term of activities and events, 2016 is quite a blessing as it has given people outside the ecosystem a glimpse of what we have to offer in the coming years to come, no doubt we have the talent and resource to build a strong tech ecosystem that will consist of startup’s that utilizes technology to solve our social problem and grow rapidly to the point of scale.

The event has made us realize the potential here and it is our responsibility to keep you up to date with the happenings in the ecosystem. it is, for this reason, we which to highlight seven that has shaped the technology ecosystem, this event has cut across the different state, for those who miss all the event don’t worry, we got you cover
right here

 1. Kaduna startup weekend event

Kaduna Startup Weekend

I got to know about them through the publicity of event on social media sometimes around 2015, there first weekend event held in Kaduna state university where CEO of chocolate city  in person of Audu Maigori was present and other top entrepreneurs across the state.
Later that year around December, the had another small event of startup pitching to investor which hold
in barnawa.
2016 was big for them as the first meetup event saw the big weep in technology startup in person of Ahmad Machosy came and share his story, inspired others to work more on their project, Aminu Bakori of friendstie concept pitch his enterprise management system.
Then the big talk of the town, the Kaduna hack series, this event give a glimpse of what the future hold for
the ecosystem in Kaduna, the event was a huge success as participants arrive from the different part of the state with
brilliant ideas on how to turn around the society and solve social problems.

This event also gives outsiders an inside to toward how vibrant the community is over here and the rate at which
we are growing.
This event was hosted at the first innovation and co-working space in Kaduna COLAB, what a better time to open the hub like this, colab has open doors to many opportunities of tech event coming to Kaduna.
developer, technopreneur can now have a place to call home in Kaduna.

        2.     BudgIT’s Transparency Hackathon at Colab


This is the first hackathon in the city where the developer comes together to hack for good, the hackathon is base on
developing  solutions that will make government activities and spending transparent to the general public, this event
is hosted at colab.
 3. Women Founders Conference

This is an all exclusive event  for women organized by Startup Kano, the event sow successful women entrepreneurs both in tech and other filed in attendance, the speakers share their startup story, the struggles and the drive that keep them going despaired all  the challenges .

The event has in attendance of over 300 participant women  which  most of them have dreams of starting their own business in the near future, the were a lot of networking between them.

I will say startup Kano is up for a good starting with successful hosting of the WFC 2016.
This is the first major event organized by startup Kano

       4.  Startup Arewa

Startup Arewa Event
Startup Arewa Event

I guess this is one of the biggest tech event in the region in the year 2016, the event hold for three straight days which
see passionate young minds come together to develop technology solution for agriculture, imagine the combination
of tech and agriculture, this alone will skyrocket the growth of the region, basically what I like about the event
the way industry players especially those that actually do this technology startup and programming somewhere else in the world come together to ensure the event has to turn out to be a huge success.
The plan to involve technology in our agriculture is a step in the right direction as it will spark the passion
in youth to want to go back to the farm.

                  5. GDG Dev Fest Northeast

GDG Northwest Devfest Speakers

This an all developers event organized by google developer groups from the northeast axis, the developers from
all over the region converge in Kano for the all important event which was held once every year, the event show speakers talks about the new technologies of google such as firebase, material design, and progressive web apps.
One thing that particular interest me is the number student developers the group has, must especially the female
developers, the event was attended by a total of about 300 developers, I can say in the terms of developers talent, the
northeast is ready.

    6. Hackjos

This is another event that is organized by nHub Jos, the event this has taken a new turn with the inclusion of
a conference with the theme ‘internet of  a things’, this year was the second edition of the hackathon, the event
has reached its expectation with hackathons teams from all over Nigeria coming to participate in one of Nigeria’s best hackathon event.
With nHub sowing the seed of new developers, our ecosystem will forever be indebted to them for our growing our talent base in the tech ecosystem.

                   7. code pyramid

code pyramid meeup
Code Pyramid Meetup

from the name, am sure you will guess where this event is from, code pyramid event is a monthly meetup of developers, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasm and industry players in the technology sector in Kano, this event is aimed at bringing out the amazing things developers are doing in Kano with regard to solving social problems.

Also :Do Not Miss The Last Code Pyramid Meetup of The Year For AnyThing
The event is serving as a venue for developers to share ideas on the problem and to provide the solution to them.
Code Pyramid is a platform for techies (software developers, website designers, graphics designers etc.) and entrepreneurs.They provide mentorship on development and professional coaching on presentation skills, public
speaking, project management and training to members and also network, share ideas, opportunities and provide
solutions to challenges faced by members and the society.

       8. Techpoint visit

The mere mention of techpoint decision to take a tour of northern Nigeria tech ecosystem has sparked a lot conversation about whether or not we have anything to offer, but I guess the team has come and seen for themselves
the visit was very impactful as many of amazing things out founder are doing here has been discovered ranging
from parajoo which train and mentor developer and connect them with the startup where they can work, to
smart web, a hosting company base in Jos with almost all of it client from Lagos, and Aminu Bakori with his amazing cloudiora OS and much more innovation coming out of the region.
I can say this tour has  opened up some many opportunities for us in many different perspectives ranging from
digital media and how we can tell our stories better, encouragement of our young mind to continue the good things
the are doing and never to give up.


what particularly amaze me was the turn out for the hangout session with the team at colab, the session was an icing
on the cake, a lot of conversation was center around how we can push our developer to come out, carry out their
project from the hubs so that the media and tech blogs like ours can cover their story better
One thing I learn from the techpoint visit is we have to tell our story better, nobody we will
do that for us, this is this blog is committed to telling the stories of technology startup from this region.


As we are entering 2017, we hope to see more innovative solution coming from the region especially in the area of education, agriculture and health technology.

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