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8 Inspiring Word From The Recent Kaduna Startup Meetup.

 This post is about eight inspiring word i got  from guest speakers in the recent kaduna start up meet up, held on 9 April, 2016,

So let relax and enjoy them

  1. Have a target market, you can’t serve everyone.
  2. You have to tush your appearance because 55% of what get people attracted to you is your appearance.
  3. You do not have a second chance to make the first impression, so be prepared all the time
  4. Brand is a promise to deliver on something. make sure you deliver on something
  5. You have to be influential to deliver on promises
  6. The platforms are free use them, use  the social media to your advantage
  7.  When you pick on one thing, be damn good in it , deliver on something
  8. Be an embodiment of what you do.

I hope this word has inspired to keep pushing on that his idea.

Good morning.

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