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Can Startup Be Build From Hackathon Event?

, Hackathon Event
Hackathon Event
, Hackathon Event
Hackathon Event

I have seen some hackathon event come and go with good prototypes and amazing demos, but what happened after the event,I always ask myself this question but I seem to get no answers, are we getting something wrong or is our approach to this event  different that our participant ends off not continue the project after the event.

Some will argue that winning team usually when ahead and continue building their product since the are able to get cash and other mentorship packages that will allow them to continue working on their idea.

But what happen to those that did not win the hack event, or those this mean their ideas will not fly when it is taken out to the market, I need not remain you that winning a hackathon is not a validation that your product will fly when it is taken to the final users.

From my observation, i see we are missing something very vital here which is the manner in which our participant are invited to the hack event, what I mean here is this, most hackathon organizers are doing it with the sole aim of turning ideas into reality by building a prototype, which in the end the groups will build companies around it

but not every participant will want to commit his time and join a team in order to build startup since most of the time everyone in the hack event come with an ideas that he will want to build and everybody’s idea cannot be executed in one hackathon.

Thus participant are group base on ideas that are similar, there are some hackathon that specifies the kind of
the product the want to build during the hack event, this method did not event help matters.

Honestly, I did not come here to argue whether the startup can be built from hackathon or not, but we are yet to see two or one day hackathon event that the winners eventually when ahead and build the startup around it, with respect from this part of the country but we can do something about this, already some people are doing something toward it.


We can correct this by following a model some other organizers are adopting.
the model is simple, the organizer invites the participant to come in a group, which a very good thing since every team that is coming will have the participant in the group with one idea the feel they can build a company around it.


Every ecosystem has its own challenges and one of our own problems is the lack of transition from hackathon four walls to the market where the idea will be tested in order to for the end usert to validate.

Can startup be built from Hackathon Event?

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