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Brainiacs Women: Girls in STEM (WinSTEM) Network Jos MeetUp

With the rapid development of technology and increase in science information based on real-world application, it is important to put utmost focus on the...

How to Create an Elevator Pitch For Your Startup

Elevator pitch idea was gotten from an imagination of you pitching your startup to an investor in an elevator that is due to land in less than two minutes, now put yourself in that situation and begin to think of best ways to explain it in order to convince him and make him understand what you are doing.

Two Element that Are Essential In Building a Strong Technology Ecosystem

As we are gearing our feet up toward building a strong ecosystem in northern Nigeria, it is very important we understand the two factors that are responsible for the growth of some the biggest technology ecosystem in the world. these element are PARTNERSHIP and MEDIA

Highlight On Trainings And Events That Happened In Colab

COLAB:The first kaduna Innovation Hub and Co-Working space has started housing some innovative training for free, which is quite interesting. We all know that trainings in Nigeria is what we use our money to register so that we be able to attend, Colab decided to help people outside there with the privilege of attending their trainings for free. Kudos to Colab for this incredible move.

One Single Factor That Making Many Nigerian Internet Marketers Broke

Over the years I have seen how so many people preach the magic system of work two hours and make 5000 USD or more a...
Northern Nigeria Startup

Seven Startup From Northern Nigeria Tech Ecosystem

Technology ecosystem is gradually building up with some startup spring up within the northern region, this is something to be proud up as our entrepreneurs and developers are beginning to see the opportunities in technology beyond normal coding for fun. One of our major objective of this blog is to showcase technology startup from northern Nigeria and the amazing things young minds are doing with technology, it is for this reason, we chose to showcase some startup that are solving our pressing problems in the society.
Orbra Mobile

ORBRA: The First Mobile Company In Nigeria.

It quite interesting Nigeria is growing rapidly in technology – I mean IT. Basically people assume the meaning of IT in Nigeria like being...

Payme: Want You to Received Money Through a Link

It pretty good to have PAYME as a member of Nigeria electronic payment option.It is similar to paypal Payme is really simple to use. All you...
Blusapphire hour of code

Register Your Kids For Hour oF Code At Blue Sapphire E-Solutions

Are you base in Kano and planning on engaging your kids in this year hour of code in order to set them on a path of programming career in their early age. Then worry no more as Blue Sapphire E-solution is organizing an hour of code for kid between the age of 6 to 11 years and your kids don't need to have any computer experience.
demo session at startup arewa event

Four Startup Will Demo At Startup Arewa Event

The maiden edition of Startup Arewa event is starting today, developers, technology startups, bloggers and other media outlet all around the 19 northern state will converge with sole aim of kick-starting the dream of building technology ecosystem we all desired to see.