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Highlight On Trainings And Events That Happened In Colab

COLAB:The first kaduna Innovation Hub and Co-Working space has started housing some innovative training for free, which is quite interesting. We all know that trainings in Nigeria is what we use our money to register so that we be able to attend, Colab decided to help people outside there with the privilege of attending their trainings for free. Kudos to Colab for this incredible move.

One Single Factor That Making Many Nigerian Internet Marketers Broke

Over the years I have seen how so many people preach the magic system of work two hours and make 5000 USD or more a...
Blusapphire hour of code

Register Your Kids For Hour oF Code At Blue Sapphire E-Solutions

Are you base in Kano and planning on engaging your kids in this year hour of code in order to set them on a path of programming career in their early age. Then worry no more as Blue Sapphire E-solution is organizing an hour of code for kid between the age of 6 to 11 years and your kids don't need to have any computer experience.

Pocket Explore Tab Add More Reading Suggestion

Pocket App  is also known as Read It Later. It is an application and service for managing a reading list of articles from the...

How to Change your phone number on WhapsApp

It has been a while since i wrote tutorial post in this blog, today we are going to learn how change our phone number...

How to unsubscribe to facebook e-mail notification

Some time it is very disturbing when you see many notification that are of no used i know you may thinking how can i...