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How Big Brand Can Get Tech Bloggers to Talk About Them on their Blog

Good day everyone
This post idea was born out of a post a friend of mine wrote on his blog , basically he talks about how some big brand wanted him to cover their event on his blog for free.


Actually it is not for free but they offer him free IV and a chance to meet some of the top CEOs that are attending the event , he turn down the offer, because on his on word free invite is not worth the price.
i also agree with him for turning down the offer, because it is not worth it, i can imagine myself accepting this kind of offer, funnies thing is that this only happens to tech blogger that struggle day and night to develop that their audience

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Tech blogger need to rise to the occasion and say no to this kind of treatment, although am not here to talk about this,(post for another day )

Big brand can get tech blogger to talks about them in the following ways:

  • Content Marketing

This is an avenue that many brand do not utilize,with this content marketing you can get the readers to talk about your brand and the blogger on this you write in his blog, at the end of the post you can leave a link back to your site.

  • Sponsor a post

Some blogger allows for sponsoring of post that talks you about your brand and what your company offers, the blogger write the blog post about your brand and in turn you pay him for the service he or she render to you.
some blogger are so generous that they preserve a certain space for sponsor post on the front page of their blog both on mobile and desktop view. and you know what that means for your brand

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  • Buy Ads Space

This is a highly rated avenue especially if the blog you are buying their  Ads has reader that highly interested in the services or product you offer.

Over to you, what are other ways do you think big brand can get tech blogger to talks about them on their blog, let hear it in the comment section. below

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