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How to Avoid Co-founder divorce in a technology startup

It is very imperative that co-founder should have clear understanding of themselves before starting a 
company, this will help them both in running  successful company, co-founder divorce can be very dangerous to the startup, if not handle carefully it can lead to the failure of the startup.

Today am going to share with you some key factors you should not play with in order to avoid co-founder divorce, so let get started

 1.    Be open in communication
Communication is very vital in the co-founder relationship just like in every other life relationship, don’t hide anything among yourself, be open and communicate to each other about the status of the company, this will go a long way to ensure there is mutual trust among yourself

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2.      let every one define his role in the company from the beginning

This is important from the on set,each co-founder should know the role he or she is playing in the company, who is going to be the COF, CFF, CTO AND CEO, having clearly set this from the beginning, it will go to large extend avoid divorce since every know the role he or she is playing in the company.

 3.     Having a lay down vesting agreemant

  This is a kind of negotiation in a situation when one of you leave, basically if you split the equity between yourself and a certain year is set aside for everyone of you to earn that equity and the equity earning does not start until one  year after.it is very important put this in place from the very beginning in order to avoid issues when one of you leaves.

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