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Payant: On It’s Way To Simplify Invoicing System In Nigeria


With the increasing demand of more technology around how business and customer interact and make an online transaction, there is the need for flexibility around the ways customer make payment and how the business generates invoice.

payant is Here to simplify the way freelancers, small, medium and large business generate invoices and send payment reminders, the platform also serve as a payment gateway for the website and mobile application developers to accept instant online payment directly from users of their application.
According to the founder of friendstie Concept
Payant is designed to make invoicing and accepting payment super fast and easy and you don’t need a  developer to start accepting payment online.”

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Payant has features such as quick invoicing, accept payment globally, Automated reminder, instant bank settlement.
One the of the additional features that differentiates it from other invoicing platform is it intelligent reporting, simple pricing and security and fraud protection
Developers can easily the use the extendable API to quickly integrate them into the applications, and it’s works with WordPress powered site.
A quick look at the interface of the dashboard will gives you a feel of clear and elegant user interface which make all user experience fun.

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