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Startup Gamji: Reconnecting Arewa To The World Has Been Lunch

Startup Gamji
Startup Gamji
Startup Gamji
                                                                                                              Startup Gamji

Having identified a wide technological gap in the northern axis of Nigeria and a huge pool of unharnessed and untapped talent abound among youth of the region, We therefore created a dynamic platform with which we can connect technology and talent together so as to create a platform that will catalyst the emergence of a silicon valley of northern Nigerian dimension in a not so distant future.

This is a move to show the people [mainly the young] in Nigeria that the recession is the best opportunity to transform the country to a world super power. >>Follow the tech-­‐train movement Startup Gamji is a platform for innovative technologically-­‐based initiatives to reconnect” the whole of Northern Nigeria to the world. It will organize a series of events across the 19 states of the north during which it will discover and profile IT-­‐based initiatives and techies who own them.

The voyage that is themed “Arewa Reconnected” will kick off in January 2017 with the official launching and unveiling
of the website on the 1st of January, 2017 with the mandate to among other things inspire, empower, mentor and connect gifted young Nigerians to push beyond their limits and discover their potentials.

When started there will be a series of events that will take place at each state, every participant who applies through our portal on the official website will be given an opportunity to showcase his/her project.

The 2 days events will showcase techpreneurs, top coders, agropreneurs, STEM & robotics programmers and a host of other branches of the technology spectrum which will make it a must-­‐attend for young techpreneurs who are looking to enhance their ICT skills and also connect with the world to be exposed to possibilities in technology and how to write their names in the sands of time.

• All individual winners form each state will have an opportunity to meet incubators, inventors, business opportunities
and also get mentorship.
• The top 3 who will emerge at the end of the northern tour, as the winners will be given cash prizes and will be introduced to investors.
• There are also employment opportunities to be explored during each state event.

Applicants are to follow up on our activities on our social media handle to know when we are coming to their states and apply online on startupgamji.ng It is note worthy that the Federal Government has been harping on self sufficiency in production of goods and technology and the need for our youths to become business owners rather than wait for jobs, Startup Gamji is taking that challenge to the Northern youths and helping them start on good footing with technology as their vehicle to succeed. Startup Gamji, intends to harness these potentials.

Therefore, we aim to unveil our platform for all to access and become the dream that they so believed 1st January 2017.
A 5-­‐day [element of surprise] countdown social media strategy is currently in progress.

The shortlisted candidates will be announced subsequently. At the end of our tour, over 50 candidates will be linked to the business ecosystem and would start the multiplier effects with job creation, wealth generation and increased purchasing power for Nigerians.

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