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Two Apps That help You Monitor Your Social Media Activities For Your Online Business.


Here are two Apps that help you monitor your online business effectively. In the long run, we realize that most of our digital marketers and companies try to monitor their businesses online by using google analytics, following social media activities where their brand or product is being mentioned can be  frustrating to some of us.

We decided to go on a tour to fetch out the hidden Apps that will help us monitor our businesses on social media

  1. BRAND24

Brand24 helps you discover what people are saying online about your brand or product and also view you the real-time scoop on the main trends, it also works by allowing you to monitor specific keywords based on your company, sales leads, competitors, or a particular topic. The result is digesting the social media noise and presenting you clear social analytics and insight.


Crowdfire is a unique social media marketing app that brings a bunch of interesting features on the table. First, it allows you to track who un-followed you in social networks like Twitter and Instagram. This lets you un-follow them back and equalize your follower-following ratio.

Crowdfire also allows you to keep track of how your social media posts affect followers and un-followers. For Twitter users, you can take advantage of the Copy Followers feature to find relevant influencers from your competitors.
NOTE: this entire Apps works on both Android and IOS.

The tools above should be enough to help you make data-driven decisions for your social media marketing.

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