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Two Element that Are Essential In Building a Strong Technology Ecosystem


As we are gearing our feet up toward building a strong ecosystem in northern Nigeria, it is very important we understand the two factors that are responsible for the growth of some the biggest technology ecosystem in the world. these element are PARTNERSHIP and MEDIA

The power of partnership is so instrumental in any ecosystem, as we have witnessed the with the last prototyping session organize by Kaduna startup weekend and hosted at colab, am very sure without this collaboration and partnership, the event will not have recorded such huge success.

Now there are many instances out there we can see, check out the case of yaba , it the same this partnership that plays a vital role in building and spring up of cchub.

What I am saying is we must focus on building a strong partnership among ourself, we are just starting out, this will play a vital role is see ours building the dream ecosystem we will desire to see.

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The media is very critical in the shaping the way people look at the ecosystem, as this media outlet are responsible for share the happening in the ecosystem.

This media platform can come in various form, with them outside investors can see what is going on in the ecosystem, with the increasing rush to get product done, the media outlet can serve as check and balance in ensuring the right product is push to the market.

Apart from that, media are responsible for sharing stories of what startup are doing, who has rise fund, who is looking for the fund, what event is holding within the ecosystem, who are the newcomers and the rest.

Why is every founder struggle to get into TechCrunch news, it is because the platform has the highest number of VC and investors that read and watch out for a new startup they can invest in.
It is from the back of TechCrunch stories about IROKO, that Jason was able to secure his series A funding, locally here, there is some startup that has secured funding from the back of mention by a technology blog.

We need more technology entrepreneurs that have experience in the hustle to share their experience in form of article on the media platform in order to growth the community and ensuring that people are doing the right.

with this two element, every technology ecosystem will see the growth they never can imagine, we hope to see more partnership in terms resource sharing, event, and more engagement with the media on the what the technology startups are doing here.
we at our end we will continue to evangelize the technology happening in the ecosystem and our doors are open for any contribution in terms of content that is geared toward build the ecosystem.

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